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Programme Name : Ethinic Day

Date : 10.01.19

A fantastic event celebrated with lots of josh. Pongal – The harvest festive set up was created and displayed. Kids donned in ethnic attire and made us to realize how rich our culture is. Our blossoming buds learned the significance of thanksgiving to farmers, Sun God and Nature. Performed traditional activities like grinding, pounding the Fried Bengal grams with the traditional roller stone (ammikkal) & grinding stone. Also they ground the turmeric in the grinding stone. Our little ones added colours to Rangoli and enjoyed playing traditional Tamil games like drums beat, etc. Kids brought best traditional dishes, shared among their peers and were decked up exclusively. Their energy levels were quite high as the campus was bursting with enthusiasm and passion. With all the unique features and many hued celebrations, Pongal vs Ethnic Day brought lots of happiness and joy in the entire campus. It was really a tribute and respect to our culture and tradition connected with our roots.