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Report On Helpers day

Date : 14-11-2016

Venue:Prasan Vidya Bala Mandir

Children’s day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by our teachers. Teachers dressed in different costume and greeted our children “Happy Children’s Day “with full of love and affection .Teachers entertained our kid with different variety of programs. Helper’s day was celebrated with great joy in PVBM & PVM Campus.UKG kids visited PVM campus to thank our sisters. Our pretty buddies invited all the helpers to the dias by giving roses. Our children dedicated a thank you song to their helpers. Helping starts at home. Various gifts like tooth paste, soap, powder, shampoo were gifted to the helpers. Children prepared Greeting card at school to present for their lovable helpers. Games were conducted for sub staffs and the winners were honoured with gifts. The program ended happily, our sub staffs were overwhelmed for being recognized as lovable SISTERS. And children learnt the importance of thanking our helpers in our society.