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Programme Name : Kinder Carnival

Date : 30.7.16

Venue: Pvbm Campus

  • Kinder carnival is a mega event to showcase the talents of our kids from kinder garten.
  • 95 % of kids participated with lot of confidence and pride in their face.
  • Young Songist, Young Orator, Young Creative Artist, Young Megastar, Young Constructor, Young Cuisiner and Young Dancer were different competitions conducted for our kids which was judged by our PVM teachers with lots of love and enthusiasm.
  • Kids proved their talents in various competitions and went home with lots of smile and pride in their face and cute take home gifts in their hands.
  • The winners will be awarded with different titles for each competition on 15.8.16 in sports day.
  • Kinder carnival will remain evergreen in the diaries of PVBM and hearts of our Little buddies and beloved parents.