Betting on rescheduled matches

Games may be rescheduled, as well as games that have already begun. Reasons for postponing games:

  • Heavy snowfall (downpour, wind, frost)
  • Problems with stadium lighting
  • Inappropriate behavior of fans
  • Threat of terrorist attacks
  • Suspicion of match-fixing
  • In some cases, the Federation may go towards the club and approve the postponement of the match because of the busy schedule in the European Cup or a critical situation with injured players.

The main question that bothers bettors: how and when the bet on the match that was canceled will be calculated. However, there are those who see the rescheduled game as a great parimatch cricket betting opportunity.

Betting when a match is rescheduled

What to do when you made a bet and the match was postponed

The general rule for calculating bets on postponed matches is the same in all betting houses: if the postponed match will be played within the set time, the bet is saved and will be calculated after the match results. If the match is postponed, the bet will be refunded with odds. 1. But the period of time during which a bet on a rescheduled match remains valid differs depending on the bookmaker.

Nuances of betting on rescheduled matches

As a rule, novice players as soon as the bet on the postponed match is calculated with odds. 1, tend to bet again on this match. Especially, if the match is postponed for several days.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that soccer predictions before the rescheduled match can change a lot by the time the game is rescheduled, the situation of the teams may change. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

  • The match was rescheduled on an unsuitable date for the team (for example, a game in the European competition is next). The coach may decide to rest his strongest players.
  • In case of postponing an interrupted match, the teams have already evaluated each other's strengths and the coach can rearrange his tactics, which may lead to unexpected results.
  • The outsider, who was in the mood to give a fight to the favorite, can burn out emotionally by the time the game is postponed and not meet expectations.

Therefore, when betting on soccer for a rescheduled match, it is worth abstracting from your prediction for this match before the postponement and re-do the pre-match analysis.