Betting on the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally in motorsports betting

The forefather of the Paris-Dakar marathon was French racer Thierry Sabin, who got lost and almost died during another rally "Nice-Abidjan". The race was first held in 1978 - the athletes drove from the capital of France to the capital of Senegal. Interestingly, then there was no distribution of cars and motorcycles by class, so all the riders had to compete in the same category.

The venue of the rally has been constantly changing in the 21st century and since 2009 the race has been moved to South America due to terrorist threats and the murder of four Frenchmen. The organizers did not change the name, but the geography began to expand - from Argentina to Chile, Peru and Bolivia. However, in 2019 the rally was held entirely in Peru under a simplified scheme.

"Dakar" is different from traditional rally races: it is a daily multi-hour race, which includes sleep and repairs in specified places. It is a race with a split start with time intervals of 1-2 minutes. Competitions are held in different classes for four varieties of vehicles:

  • Cars;
  • Motorcycles;
  • ATVs;
  • Trucks.

Another peculiarity of the Dakar is that the entire route of the race is kept in strict secrecy. Pilots get information with landmarks only before the next stage.

Dakar betting strategies

Despite the grueling conditions, betting on the Paris Dakar, in general, quite well predictable. For example, in the truck and off-road classifications, everything is extremely predictable. The Dakar Rally 2019 betting favorites, Eduard Nikolaev and Nasser Al-Attiyah of Qatar, celebrated success. In general, the trucks of the Russian KAMAZ are regularly ranked at the top of the overall standings.

A big list of factors is taken into account: drivers' skills, vehicle specifications, teamwork, track condition, weather. It is recommended to analyze last results of the pilot, his form, motivation. For this purpose interviews of the pilot, given by him shortly before competitions are good help.

Information for betting can be taken from open sources: for example, car portals, "auto" sections on sports websites. There is no winning strategy for rallying, nor is the Martingale strategy applicable due to the irregularity of the races.

Motorsport in bookmakers' offices

The popularity of the Dakar Rally is quite high in our country, if we compare it with the races of WRC, DTM or NASCAR series. Many bookmaker's offices took bets on the rally. True, the line is often limited to the winner of the race in a particular class.

To place bets on the Dakar 2021, you need to choose a certain racer. For example, let's take the winner of the motorcycle classification, Australian Toby Price, for 1.9. If we had bet $100 on him to win before the race, we would have won $190 (a net profit of $90). If another bike had finished in first place, our money would have gone to the BK bookmaker parimatch accounts.