Betting on cricket in bookmakers online

Cricket is a team sport which has a huge number of fans. This is primarily due to the high popularity of cricket in India, home to more than a billion people, and thanks to the Indian fans, cricket is reportedly the second most popular sport in the world after soccer. Matches are played all year round and betting opportunities are virtually endless.

Types of cricket betting

On the outcome. In first-level cricket, there is a draw, so the odds on the outcome in test matches - with three ways. A draw does not happen as often as in soccer, but still its probability is relatively high and comparable to that of hockey. In the one-day format and T20 World Cup Cricket 2021, bookmakers offer two-way outcomes with no possibility of a draw.

Double odds. The same as in betting on the outcome, only in double odds you can sum up two outcomes for a lower odds - for example, that there will not be a draw or that one of the teams will not lose at least.

On a handicap. Here it is possible to make a prediction with what advantage the team will win or more what handicap will not concede the opponent. For example, in test matches between strong teams, a zero handicap is very popular.

Totals. Betting on the number of runs per match or over a certain period - after 5, 10, 15 overs and so on. These can be both total totals and individual totals for each team.

Player Statistics. In the top level cricket lines, there are usually enough suggestions on the personal achievements of players. Indicators are found in a variety of ways: the number of wounds or 6-point strikes, various titles at the end of the match - best batsman or best player of the meeting.

Match statistics. Cricket is rich in different statistics and secondary events. It is not difficult to find quotes on the number of runs out or the best result of the first partnership in the lines for big matches. Also, many offices offer to bet on how the first wicket will be destroyed.

On the first innings. Quite a popular betting market in prolonged test matches, because you don't have to wait several days to find out the result of the first inning. In the line for the first innings you can usually find all of the above types of bets.

On the toss. The most rudimentary prediction that can be made at bookmakers on all major games. The odds of guessing the offensive first team are 50/50, and you will still lose money on the bookmaker's margin when playing long.