Corridors between different betting shops

The player's task becomes to find as wide a range as possible. Different companies have a higher probability of hitting it, because even identical events are sometimes evaluated quite differently by the bookmakers. Therefore, the best option is to create accounts on several sites at once.

To illustrate, let's take the regular season Argentina basketball game between Obras Basket and Weber Bayeux Basket.

The scanner showed us that it will be profitable to get into a corridor between F1 (0) or P1 at BetWinner and F2 ( 3.5) at BetWinner. In that case, with a bet of $100, the following options are possible:

- The match will end in favour of Obras Basket with a lead of up to 3.5 points. Both bets will then be settled, bringing us $218 profit at once.
- The home team will triumph with the difference of more than 3.5 points. This will bring us $38 in our BetWinner account, but the total loss will be $62.
- Weber Bayeux Basket will get a sensational win. In that case, we would also stay in the " " in any case, namely we would win $180.

As we can see, finding windows in different BCs becomes an even more profitable exercise.

Also, we should not forget that such such wide tunnels usually do not last more than 7-10 minutes. This is another reason why it is important to take care of creating accounts in multiple BKs.

The betwinner review in india is in the public domain and can be viewed by any player, but only after registration will he be able to place bets.