Effective strategies for online slot machines Bollywood

Gambling is always a risk and the generation of random combinations that can bring victory or loss. Many gamblers hold the position that playing the machines - the will of chance, but there are principles, given which you can win with more probability.

New online casino Bollywood.

How to choose the size of bets in the slot machine

Gambler, who will play for the first time in the slot, it is recommended to first run a demo mode. This will allow you to get acquainted with the rules, to test different size bets, to gain experience. Also, the demo helps to think through an individual strategy for the game, for example, to take the winnings or wait to participate in the bonus round, is it worth the risk of doubling the payout in the game. Test mode allows you to assess the volatility of the slot - how often fall out prize combinations, how big the winnings.

The bet in the slot depends on the number of active paylines and the rate per line. In some Bollywood №2 slot machine the number of lines is fixed, then the total bet is completely determined by the number of coins per line.  If the gambler can choose the number of active paylines, then for falling out on the reels of the prize sequence with greater probability, it is recommended to use all lines.

Is it worth to participate in the doubling game

Most slots provides the possibility of a risk round. It can be involved, if the drums fell any prize sequence. Winnings can be doubled or lost. The risk game is not available during autospins and when playing at the maximum bet.

The classic version of the risk game is guessing the color of the inverted card: red or black. The gambler can spend several such rounds, each time the amount will be doubled. The second most common variant of the game at risk - when the playing field has four closed cards and one open card opponent. The gambler's task is to draw a card that will be higher in value than the dealer's card.

Participate in the risk game makes sense when a player has a deposit of at least 5-10 spins, as in this round you can lose all the winnings for the current spin. If the state of the account is critical, the payment is better to take away, so you can make more spins reels.

How to get to the bonus round in a slot game

In most Bollywood №2 slots, especially the newer ones, there are bonus rounds.  This additional round is considered the most advantageous opportunity in the machines, as the player does not need to bet (money from his gaming account is not written off), but he can win a big prize. Bollywood №2 bonus rounds can be single-level or multi-level.  Run after falling out on the reels of a combination of special characters - Bonus or Scatter. Often the bonus rounds are presented in the form of a certain number of freespins.

The only strategy to get into the bonus round - to make as many spins as possible. This opportunity can fall out immediately after the first spin, and can after the tenth, fiftieth. It all depends on the random generation of characters on the reels. Participation in the bonus round can dramatically turn the course of the game - to add a few zeros to the number on the balance gambler.