What to choose an inhaler for herbage?

A modern man is not used to sick for a long time: the temperature rose - urgently we knock it down, the throat was sprinkled - immediately splashing the spray or we dissolve the lollipops, a runny nose appeared.
And only we notice that sooner or later, the favorite means of dealing with a cold cease to help, have to choose something even stronger and efficient. And so continues until the doctor breeds his hands: there is nothing to help!

Rubble for a long time in some kind of chronic allergic shape and no drops no longer remove the feelings. Then the person appeals to the origins - the recipes of traditional medicine.

Herbalism is the most ancient direction of traditional medicine. On the healing properties of plants and herbs there were a few millennia ago. Modern medicine also uses herbs in the treatment of certain diseases, and in pharmacies in a wide range of various drugs are presented.

Huge benefit can be brought in the treatment of colds and respiratory diseases. Ordinary inhalations with grave champs. In the pharmacy you can see a large selection of inhalers: the usual steam, cosmetic steam, compression inhaler and ultrasonic. What is more suitable for inhalations with herbs?

Recently, nebulizers are very popular: Compression and ultrasound inhalers. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are not heated during operation: a special device turns a medicine into a gaseous mixture, which under pressure comes immediately into bronchi.

Thus, it is possible to use a small dose of the drug, but the effect will be more noticeable and expressed than with the usual reception of the drug. However, this device is completely not suitable for herbal. After all, the basis of the herbgles is hot baths and inhalations.

Therefore, it is better to purchase a cosmetic steam inhaler for herbal. It combines an ordinary inhaler, and at the same time equipped with a bowl for cosmetic procedures.

A special container is built into it, where to pour a ready-made hot herbal decoction, it is heated there and on a special tube is served in the bowl. To carry out inhalations, you can use a special tube, and you can breathe, leaning in the bowl: then you will not only brew the respiratory tract, but also clean the skin of the face.

Such inhalations are better carried out before bedtime, since the effect depends largely on heating. 7Bit Casino is powered by Microgaming software, which makes it one of the most popular casinos around. The games are realistic and easy to play, and you can always count on getting great customer service.