NO6 Laboratory in CSI

NO6 laboratory
You do not have to use the assembly table, because you will not receive cartridges from weapons purchased in the bedroom. Instead, select a microscope for comparison. Here you will have to compare two points. Drag the pants with broken lightning into the left field. As for the other, you will need to choose a metal fragment from your inventory. You will get a coincidence. Listen to saying Grissom.
Use the CSI laboratory computer. Let's start with the first point of the main menu - fingerprints. Here you will need to hold one comparison. Drag the fingerprint found on the cell phone, in the left field. As for the right thing, you will need to choose fingerprints Anthony. Compare both prints, dragging a partial imprint to the bottom left corner of the second window. You will receive a positive result. Now you will need to choose the last option in the menu - Video / Image Enhance. Choose a cell phone from your inventory, and you will be allowed to look at the picture. You will also receive an arrest warrant, so go to the Brasse office without delay.
Cabinet Brasse NO6
You will have to ask the brex to give you an arrest warrant:
- Can I get a warrant? -> Anthony and Billy Wilde? -> Can I get an arrest order Anthony and Billy?
Anthony and Billy will have to answer you some of the latest questions:
- We know that you both shot Ed Junior. Kit covered you.
- How did it happen?
- What about China?
- Why did you let the whale fall?
Meanwhile, you will get a complete reconstruction of the crime. You will also be allowed to talk to the mother of arrested boys - Jill Wilde. You will need to choose new questions from the list. They are here:
- Your sons for some time will sit locked up.
- Why did you sleep with the son of Eddie?
The final part of this investigation will require you listening to a short dialogue between Catherine and Grissom. After that you will go to the final rating. If you followed my instructions, you will again be rewarded by the wizard.
Congratulations! You just finished the game. If you have reached the wizard level in all five cases, the game will unlock all available bonuses. You can enjoy them by clicking the second button in the download menu. The awards were divided into two separate groups. Opening cabinets in the morgue, you can view bonus materials, such as concept art or films. On the right wall of the morgue there are banks with all collected insects. By clicking on a specific jar, you can increase the scale of the insect to consider it closer. Best Training Providers near you in India on . Find the best one!