Themed Wedding - original wedding ideas

A wedding is always interesting and fun, because two people who love each other have decided to legitimize their relationship and live in marriage. However, the newlyweds are faced with the question of how to properly hold a wedding so that everyone present is satisfied with what they saw, and also so that they themselves are interested in being there. So, you can see the descriptions of several wedding styles listed below and choose your own option.A classic wedding is an ordinary wedding with a white dress for the bride and a suit for the groom. If you decide to choose just such a style, then you have not made a mistake with the elegance of the whole process, as well as with the simplicity of preparing an entertainment program. Such weddings are held both indoors and outdoors. In a classic wedding, there is a dance of the newlyweds (most often it is a classic waltz or a slow dance to your favorite melody), who want to show everyone their love for each other.Nautical wedding style If you decide to hold a wedding in a nautical style, it is not necessary to hold it on the seashore or on a cruise liner. For a nautical style, it will be enough for you to decorate the venue with nautical elements so that everyone present understands in what style the wedding is being held and can feel at sea. Shades of blue, white, sand and blue-green colors are mainly used. Thus, the decor of the room will correspond to the theme of the wedding. And the newlyweds can put a wedding dance to a song related to the sea theme. Or just choose not a classic waltz, but a rumba or passionate tango dance of love.Hawaiian wedding in Hawaiian style is something special, unusual for most people. Such a wedding is decorated with a lot of flowers and music. The bright colors in which the visit is cloudy make it clear that the wedding is taking place in the Hawaiian style. For a Hawaiian-style wedding, you can choose a restaurant on the water or a cottage outside the city with a swimming pool and other amenities. Also, if you arrange a Hawaiian wedding on the seashore, you will be able to feel the whole aroma of flowers and the sea surf. The dance of the young in this case may be more "free", for example, bachata or salsa. Yes, indeed, such a wedding will be remembered for many years due to its sophistication and attractiveness.Red-white and other color options are very popular now for "colored" weddings. Most often it is a red-and-white version, when the hall, cars, accessories and decorations are designed in these colors. Invitations usually indicate a dress code with a wish for a dress in red and white tones for women and a red shirt or red tie for a man. Such a wedding looks very bright and festive. But if red is not your favorite color, or you just want even more originality, then it is quite possible to organize an orange wedding, or lilac, or pink, or any other color - at your discretion.Thus, whatever theme you choose - be it a biker wedding, a Chicago-style wedding (gangster) or "Dudes", a medieval wedding, a Greek or a Paris wedding, a cowboy wedding or a rustic wedding - try to pay as much attention to the little things as possible. Because it is thanks to them that you can create a special aura and mood, emphasize the idea and theme of the wedding. And of course, do not forget about a good mood, because even if a guest in a green dress comes to a red-and-white wedding, or if instead of a cake in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, Ostankino will be brought to you, then this is not a reason for frustration, but rather an opportunity to treat the prose of life with humor. Real free porn movies online porn USA, UK, AU, Europe.