Types of biathlon bets

Biathlon betting on the Parimatch Website is not in high demand among beginners. It is much easier to find predictions and statistics for betting on soccer or tennis. And it is not always possible to follow the competitions in full: there are few broadcasts, they are hard to find. To keep the interest in biathlon alive, bookmakers offer high odds. The main thing is to understand how to use them correctly in order to earn money.

Race Winner

As a base bet on biathlon, bookmakers offer a bet on the winner of the race. From the name, it is clear that to pass the bet, you need to guess the athlete who will cross the finish line first. Any other outcome is defeat. It is difficult to guess the winner, so bets on this outcome are rewarded with the highest odds.

Among the top three winners

For players who are not willing to take risks and bet on a winner, bookmakers offer a safer option. The player just needs to name the athlete who will take a place on the podium. The odds are slightly lower than in the bets on the winner. But the probability of passing such a bet increases significantly.

Who is higher

Bookmakers also offer a simpler betting option. Athletes are divided into pairs. The player needs to guess which of the pair will be higher at the end of the race. It is enough to know a little about biathlon to distinguish the favorite from the outsider and make a good bet.

Number of misses

In order to guess the number of misses, you need to dig deeper into the statistics. There are athletes who shoot better while standing. There are those who prefer to shoot prone. There are also biathletes who can afford to miss, and they compensate for the misses with a very fast move along the distance.

Misses can be affected by weather, race pace and rifle condition. Therefore, this type of bet is more on luck.

Overall leader

The leader in the overall standings according to the results of the race can be guessed by the player who follows the season and is aware of the latest events. Perhaps the current leader confidently walks through the season and will not let his pursuers approach him. Or it may be that the athlete has become a leader by accident and is about to go down in the table. So it is better to read the forecasts of experts before placing a bet on the overall standings.