Types of fire-prevention products

Fire doors are products that are installed in doorways in order to prevent fire penetration. Such metal structures are fire-resistant and can restrain the pressure of the flame a certain amount of time. The main characteristic of fire doors is their limit of fire resistance, which constitutes a reality from 30 to 90 minutes. In addition, they have an increased burglar resistance (if compared with fire doors from wood) and high strength. This means that such structures can be mounted as input. To date, manufacturers produce a wide range of fire doors. They can be single and double, with glazing and deaf, metal and wooden. Although it is worth noting that the latter significantly exceed metal design. Each consumer must be able to properly select himself what perfectly fit into the home interior and will become a coloring house.

Fire doors are an effective means for dealing with fire. They provide all the necessary conditions that will allow you to eliminate fire on time, block the spread of fire and evacuate people. Such metal one-piece designs need to be installed on objects where a wide pass is considered in demand (warehouses, tsehs, etc.).

Fire horses help protect the exits in attic, technical floors and roofs. Their limit of fire resistance is about 60 minutes. All fire-fighting hatches are equipped with special seals and self-sharpening mechanisms.

To easily eliminate the fire, it is necessary to detect the focus of its fire. And the fire alarm in this case plays an important role. Its main role is to work on fire on time, increasing the temperature or the occurrence of a certain concentration of smoke in the air. Sometimes, special automatic fire extinguishing systems are installed on fire alarms. For a few seconds, they discover the focus of fire and prevent the spread of fire in the room.

If such a system is absent, there must be fire extinguishers in the room. They are paramount to combat fire directly before the fire service arrival. Each office and production building must necessarily be equipped with such fire safety facilities. All fire extinguishers and protective equipment should be stored in specially designated cabinets. Their number and species is set by special regulatory documents. Best software real reviews on Online Tools and Software Reviews on https://reach.reviews<. We collect all reviews around the world and put them into 1 source!