Beyond Academics

The most valuable part of the child’s time is spent in school. The twist and turn activities makes the school life interesting and a memorable one.

Our Strength

The faculty of PVM shapes its special character. Each member imbibes the PVM culture and ethos which is the thread that binds the entire teaching fraternity.

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About Prasan Vidya Bala Mandir

Prasan Vidya Bala Mandir is situated in chengalpattu which populates 65,689 inhabitants. The school is designed to instill the child’s imagination and thirst of knowledge , providing each child with solid foundation of superior language coupled with analytical skills.The curriculum is experiential in nature which satisfy’s child quest to see, feel and understand. Thus, enhancing child’s curiosity, sharpens the intellect and learn more about the world around in natural way The cause of its existence was Sri. Prasannamal, a philanthrophist who had a strong vision that education is the one which uncovers the knowledge hidden by ignorance, leading to see the invisible behind the visible.PVBM is managed by K C Prasannamal Memorial Educational Trust. PVBM is a co educational English medium school, serving the neighbourhood at its best.

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We will be in PVM from…

It was a great time with the kids good co-operating parents and support staff. The kids experiments their talent in good manner.

– Mrs. M.Rajeshwari (Principal)

The Project was excellently showcased by the students. The students experimentally was adopted and excellently no adjective can replace my command.

– Mrs Rathimenon (Principal)