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Programme Name : Kinder Carnival.
Date : 1-8-15.
PVBM Kinder carnival was an mega event with maximum participants and the kiddies stepped in with lot of confidence and pride as they were ready to showcase their innate talents to audience. .Inauguration of the carnival was initiated by our traditional way of lightening the Kuthu Villaku.
Eminent parents and teachers were called as judges for various competitions like Exotic dancer, Singing bird ,Young orator, Master chef, Figure maker and they remained spell bound .
Campus thronged with various coloured costume and mouth watering stalls. kids enjoyed to the edge by visiting and buying things from the stalls.
Outstanding performers of the different events went home with beautiful shields for their hard work. Moved to witness on this special occasion the team spirit of each staff as they went about organizing and coordinating with each another in order to ensure that everything went on smoothly. Special thanks for the management for organising such a wonderful event like this.
Kinder carnival was indeed a great success for PVBMITES as the memories of the parents will remain cherished in their lifes.
Confidence and joy of kiddies will stay evergreen in the diaries of PVBM.