Charity and Children’s Day – 2017

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Programme Name : Charity and Children’s Day

Date : 14.11.17

Venue: PVBM Campus (Auditorium)

Kindergarten wing celebrated its Charity and Children’s Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Kids came in coloured casual outfit. Teachers dressed in charming costumes and greeted the kids with love and affection. Charity begins at home. Charity corner was arranged for the kids’ contribution few days prior the charity day. Various gifts like raw rice, toys, and toiletries were contributed by the kids for the needy. Our tiny tots invited all the sub-staff to the dais and honoured them with roses, thank you card and lots of love and affection. Our kids recited a thank you song to the sisters (Sub-staff). A musical chair game was conducted for the Sub-staff, kids cheered them and all the sub-staffs were awarded with gifts. Continued with Children’s day Celebration. Teachers entertained the kids with variety of programs like song, dance, mimic. Visit https://www.move-central.com. Couple of teachers disguised as kids and amused them a lot. Kids enjoyed the programs thoroughly. Our sub-staff were delighted for being renowned as lovable sisters.  It was really a double damakka for the entire kindergarten team. Kids learnt the importance of the thanking their helpers and the needy. Eventually the kids’ contribution for the needy was distributed.