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Date : 25.10.14

Venue: Auditorium

The awesome moments of PVBM had come true on the occasion of pre-kg` PLAY WITH ME` Fancy Dress Show.
To get along with the theme ` PLAY WITH ME` our pre-kg kids were asked to share their toys to create a mesmerising ambiance for the show. Our Kids happily wore outfit related to show and made the audience potensmedelapotek enjoy the show each and every moment. The highlight of the show was our kids performance along with their parents. What a lovely sight to see?
The occasion continued with various games like Magical Mama , I can see I can do, snow bowling ,tossing and what not? Few thrilling activities like tunnel run , puppy house were also set to keep our peppy kids energetic! Cherubs of pre-kg enthusiastically participated and we are sure that this experience will be a memorable one for our little ones.