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Programme Name : KG Helpers day
Date :30-11-2015
Venue : Prasan Vidya Bala Mandir

  • Helpers day was celebrated with great josh in PVBM Campus.
  • Children were dressed up like community helpers of their wish and they felt happy for it.
  • Our pretty buddies invited all the helpers to the dias by giving roses.
  • Our Helpers in school were very happy to see all the kindergarteners presenting them a special performance.
  • Helping starts at home. Various gifts like tooth paste, soap, lunch box were gifted to the helpers.
  • Children prepared Greeting card at school to present for their lovable helpers.
  • Games were conducted for sub staffs and the winners were honoured with gifts.
  • Photo frame with their photo were given to all the sub staffs.
  • And the program ended happily, our sub staffs were overwhelmed farmacia online for being recognized as lovable SISTERS. And children learnt the importance of thanking our helpers in our society