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Programme Name : Kiddival

Date : 29.07.17

  • It was truly satisfying to see the huge response from our cute kids this year.
  • The day was so colourful with many participants in all the competitions like Young Songist, Young Dancer, Young Creative Artist, Young Mega star, Young Orator, Young Constructor Modafexpert and Young Cusinier.
  • The Nightingales of PVBM were the participants Young songist.
  • Young dancer rocked the stage by their stunning steps.
  • I can create wonders with my little fingers, with waste material were the group of kids who created magic in Young Creative Artist.
  • Young Mega star were the kids who were ready to Convey message to the audience without talking and really our kids proved their talents.
  • Young Orator kids earned a big round of applause for their bold and confident speaking among the audience.
  • We are ready to create and fly a beautiful kite was the slogan by our young constructors.
  • We are ready to prepare yummy dishes for you all and I can use knife to chop veggies and fruits at ease were our young cusiniers.
  • Lkg and Ukg kids unwrapped their talents in front of eminent judges and spellbounded the parent audience. The smarties were awarded with an unique title and the participants were given a toy as a take home gift.
  • Teachers thoroughly enjoyed their kids performance and without their relentless support the day would have not been a remarkable one.
  • The day ended up with lots of smiles and happiness among parents and of course our little darlings.