Kindergarten Navarathri Celebration

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Programme Name : Kindergarten Navarathri Celebration
Date :29.09.2016

Venue: PVBM Campus

  • Navarathri has been celebrated at PVBM Campus in a grand manner.
  • Kids came in traditional outfit.
  • The navarathri celebration was inaugurated with auspicious pooja.
  • Artistic golu was displayed in Prekg classroom with dazzling dolls.
  • Our UKG and LKG kids rendered devotional songs and slokas, followed by awesome dance performances of our lovely PreKG kids to invoke the blessings of Saraswathi Matha.
  • Our Kindergartners prepared dolls using sponge and sock materials.
  • PVBM members, parents, students of all the classes participated in the Navarthri Celebrations with a great enthusiasm, obtained the blessings of Saraswathi and went home happily with golu memories for a short vacation.