Bots in gambling

A poker bot, or poker bot, is a specially designed program that includes complex circuits and algorithms that allow artificial intelligence (AI) to play with live gamblers in virtual poker rooms. Usually they are created by IT-specialists who specialize not only in writing programs, but also in gambling parimatch withdrawal time, because without knowledge of poker mathematics, probability theory it is impossible to create a program.

The logic of the poker bot

Modern machines are quite smart. Poker bots have a certain set of functions and features which are clear to foreign users, based on the principles of player protection.

On the other hand, such programs can also be used by players with fraudulent intentions. Signs of such intentions:

  • Identical betting sizes.
  • Repeated activation of certain lines.
  • Rapidly switching to another gaming table when there are more than a certain number of players at it.
  • Constant aggression in specific situations.
  • Lack of chat activity.
  • The same time to make decisions (most often fast).
  • Working as part of a bot ring while playing with the same participants at the table.

To play poker without bots, foreign players can request information from the operator. At the same time in foreign practice there are rooms in which the game is played without chatbots - there are only players.

If we are talking about fraud and protection of their business directly by the operators - today poker room without bots is a common occurrence, and the operators carefully use a number of checks and methods for quick identification and instant blocking of bots. Moreover, about 95% of such programs show weak play and are easily recognized even by inexperienced gamblers.