Going for electric or hydrogen drive?

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As shown, investors currently have a choice between various interesting companies that all focus on new drive concepts. Many people are asking themselves whether electric or hydrogen drive will prevail in the end.

Industry experts say that, overall, the fuel cell is the better technology. One major disadvantage of the electric drive, for example, is that it is very expensive to produce the necessary batteries. For example, rare earths are needed. The mining of these earths is very harmful to the environment. This also applies to the batteries produced.

The reason why the electric drive is successful at all at the moment is that China is relying very heavily on this technology. Since the Chinese car market, where the NIO share can be found, is now the largest market in the world, other companies are also forced to jump on this trend. For this reason, it is certainly not wrong to bet on companies like Tesla at the moment.

Ballard Power Systems: The fuel cell world market leader

Ballard Power Systems is a very interesting company. In the meantime, the Canadian company has managed to become the world market leader in the production of fuel cells. In the meantime, two Chinese companies have also joined Ballard Power Systems.

They currently hold about 30 % of the shares. The main advantage for Ballard Power Systems is that this gives them easier access to the Chinese market via Exness Asia CFDs. The company's sales should therefore continue to develop positively in the future.

Like Tesla, Ballard Power Systems is also listed on the US technology exchange Nasdaq. Since 2019, the company's securities have been able to develop very positively. For example, Ballard Power Systems shares were still trading at US$3 in January 2019. A good year and a half later, the company's shares reached a new all-time high of 21 US dollars in August 2020. Since then, the share has been in a correction phase. Investors can take advantage of this to invest in the hydrogen share at lower prices.

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Trade the NEL ASA share

Another interesting company is NEL ASA. The Norwegian company is a specialist in the field of electrolysis. This process is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis is therefore a central prerequisite for hydrogen propulsion.

As fuel cells become more popular, the demand for electrolysis equipment automatically increases. NEL ASA can profit greatly from this development. This is also reflected in the development of the company's share price.

The share price has more than quadrupled within the last one and a half years. Here, too, the current correction can be used to enter the market at better prices. A further doubling of the share price seems quite possible.