How to start earning in tick current

Now Tick current is a huge platform. The main goal for many is not just promotion and popularity, but the possibility of earning. Every day of users is becoming more and more competition is growing, it is already harder to move. Therefore, hurry and start actively developing your account. In this you will help our service. The more active audience you have, the more you can earn big money.

If you are still new, then make an emphasis on the development of the blog, attracting a new audience and only then think about earnings.

Now we share 5 ways to make money in Tick current. Rather, read and remember!

Advertising bloggers

If you have a sufficient number of subscribers, then you can start offering novice bloggers to buy you advertising. You can advertise the profiles of the Instragram, the channels on YouTube and other social networks.

Creating a telegram canal

Create a channel telegram and share in interesting content there. After your channel becomes more popular, you can earn with it.

Sale of courses

Create your courses, check wheels and sell them. If you have a fairly large audience, it will turn out to earn a good amount. But consider the fact that to create courses will have to spend a lot of effort. To create a quality product that people will buy, you need to invest some amount yourself. Contact them if you have problems with the definition of an advertising strategy, choosing a program suitable for you, improving conversion and many to many others. Experienced mentors will help you succeed in affiliation.

Advertising goods

This option will suit you if you have more than 70K subscribers. If you just started developing your account, you will simply not be able to offer advertising.

Advertising Tracks

Now Tick current is a great platform for moving tracks. Many artists buy advertising in Tik Toka from popular bloggers.


Select the right hasties are very important. From them depends on the video in the recommendation or not. Hashtegi must comply with the content of the video, but are also very active and help to get into recommendations such hashtegi: # Top # recommendations # rivers Subscription # Like


Leave comments under any popular roller. Many users can evaluate the comment and go to your profile.

Our service

With it, you can promote your instagram, and also earn! So not thinking to register and start developing right now. And with the help of our service you can also earn and not only!