How to properly pickle ginger for sushi

Ginger appeared on kitchen tables in Russia relatively recently, but this healthy and delicious root has already managed to win the love and respect of not only gourmets, but also almost all citizens of our country.This root is used in various aspects of cooking, health-improving medicinal drinks are made from it, it is used in the preparation of pies and meat, and even added to kvass and beer.Also, a lot of people love pickled ginger and it's really very nutritious, tasty and healthy, but if you are going to do pickling at home, then you should know how to pickle ginger.This will require 200 grams of ginger, half a liter of water, as well as one teaspoon of salt, sugar, vinegar and soy sauce.Instructions on how to properly pickle ginger.First, you should peel the root, and then you need to chop it, it is better to do this using a knife designed for peeling vegetables. Now put the ginger in a regular saucepan and fill it with water at room temperature, then put the pan in the refrigerator for about half an hour.When the root settles, you need to put the pan on a slow fire and wait until the water boils, then take out the ginger and let it cool. We make a marinade, for this we need to take vinegar, salt, soy sauce, stir it all thoroughly and bring it to a boil, after that the ginger itself is filled with marinade.Now it is infused for about two hours - after that the ginger is ready, as you can see, it is not difficult to pickle the ginger root and everyone can cope with this operation. Only vinegar is best used wine or even rice, it should be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator, it is recommended to use it for 3 to 5 months.It is important to use only fresh ginger for pickling, it has a thin peel, which is even slightly translucent. The fresh root has no wrinkles, and its peel can be easily removed even with just a fingernail - the freshness of ginger is very important.This product is most widely used in eastern countries, where it is used as an addition to fish and meat dishes, as well as served with sushi. Today, there are many ways to pickle ginger for sushi, all methods differ in additives and cooking method.Japanese soy sauce, wine, various spices, various spices and even a little ordinary beetroot are usually added there to give the ginger slices a certain color. Sushi is considered even inferior without ginger, which enriches the overall taste of sushi and refreshes the oral cavity.Pickled ginger in Japan is called Gari, it has a peculiar sweet and slightly spicy taste, Gari is usually served with sushi along with soy sauce and wasabi.It is used not only as an addition to the taste of sushi, but also as a means of interrupting the taste when a person eats different types of sushi. Interestingly, in Japan, it is customary to spread ginger sauce on sushi with slices, that is, it is not only a seasoning and an addition to sushi. If you are looking for a fast payment method to withdraw winnings from online casinos, then payid withdrawal casinos australia his is the best solution for you.