How to keep your breasts on a diet - useful tips

Many people, in order to look good before a responsible event, use an express diet and try to lose a couple of pounds in a few days. But the diet doesn't work the way you want it to. And just express diets affect the fact that your breasts will lose shape, sag and turn into a rag. And yet, how to keep your breasts while dieting?Why does weight loss happen not in the planned place, and diets give the opposite result? Let's figure it out together. If you want to get rid of unnecessary volume in the hips, then we have to disappoint you. First of all, the fat layer in the upper part of the body melts, that is, the arms and chest will begin to lose weight.Why, when you lose weight, your breasts decrease?So, the first thing to remember from the school biology course is that reducing calories leads to an increase in physical activity. In other words, the body uses hidden resources, trying to maintain vital activity, and begins to burn the fat layer, as a result, energy is produced. First of all, fat deposits are broken down where they are most - in the chest. As you know, it consists of fat mass and mammary glands. So it turns out that the breast after a diet sharply decreases in volume, and the ill-fated centimeters from the hips do not disappear in any way.Avoiding this is quite simple: proper nutrition and special exercises are necessary. And then your gorgeous breast size will stay in place!Useful tips - how to keep the breast size so that the diet brings only the expected result, you need to follow simple rules:- Do not lose more than 1 kg per week.- Do not refuse breakfast, lunch and dinner. Refusing to eat after six in the evening has a very negative effect on the structure of the breast. Instead of dinner, drink a cocktail of whey - this will help to maintain the elasticity of the breast.- Include soy and nuts in the diet - these products slow down the sharp weight loss of the breast and support the hormonal background of a woman.- Count the amount of protein consumed. It is correct if its norm will be 0.5-1 gram per 1 kg of your weight.- Eat sea fish. Eat salmon or trout twice a week. The amino acids that are contained in it help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.- Do not try to underestimate calories. Eat exactly as much as is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, calculated from body weight. Lightning Roulette is played with a wheel having 37 numbered pockets (1 to 36 plus a single 0), a ball, and a layout on which the player can put a bet (or multiple bets) covering a single number or groups of numbers. The ball is spun around the wheel until it lands in one of the numbered slots, which indicates the winning number. If the winning number is contained in the player's bet, the Lightning Roulette player is paid in accordance with the paytable. If the winning number is one of the "Lucky Numbers" chosen at random and is covered by a Straight Up bet, the "Lucky Payout" is given to the player.