Roulette bets

Roulette varieties

There are deuce-ace principal classifications of roulette: American, continent and gallic roulette. The principal differentiation is the character of "zeros" on the playacting wheel. In the english narration thither are insignificancy and reduplicate lowest point which enlarges capable 5. 3% of cassino profits. continent curve furthermore has a unmarry lowest point which carrys advantage to 2. gallic curve is a rather continent roulette mobile pari match, its principal differentiation is the characteristic field and the regulation "La Partage".

Game moves

Players play against a casino (gambling house), which represents the croupier. In some casinos, depending on the intensity of the game and the number of players, croupier works in tandem with an assistant, who takes over some of the functions.

The croupier exchanges money for chips (or regular chips for roulette chips).

The croupier invites all players sitting at the tabularise to constitute bets. The uttermost bet a player can make, determined by the rules of a particular casino, and may vary even for different tables in the same institution. The minimum bet refers to the minimum bet that a player can make on outside bets. If bets are made on the numbers (Inside Bets), their total amount must not be less than the minimum allowed bet.

As soon as the dealer says the now classic phrase: "No more bets" ("Rien ne va plus"), the betting process is considered to be completed and the dealer spins the roulette wheel in one direction and launches the ball in the opposite direction. It is forbidden to touch the spinning wheel and the ball or otherwise influence them.

As soon as the ball hits a cell, the dealer announces the winning number and puts a special marker ("dolly" or "loula") on the playing field, marking this number.

Then the dealer collects the losing bets and pays out the winnings.

In this case, the payment of winnings begins with the riskiest bets (one, two numbers, etc.) and ends with bets on equal chances. In American roulette, however, payouts are made in reverse order.

Then everything starts all over again.

Special rules for different types of roulette

  • The En Prison Rule. It exists in some casinos in Europe. If you roll a zero on the roulette wheel, all bets "on a level playing field" continue to participate in the next round. If the next round again falls "zero", the bet loses. But if the bet wins on the next round, it is simply given back to the player with no payout. This rule lowers the casino's profit on "even odds" bets to 1.35%, which is, of course, very profitable for the players.
  • La Partage Rule. This rule is similar to the "En Prison" rule and is used in French Roulette; on a zero roll only half of the odds are burned. This rule reduces the profits of the casino to 1.35%.
  • The rule of "Surrender". Similar to "La Partage", used in some U.S. casinos. Reduces the benefits of the casino at bets "equal odds" with 5.26% to 2.63%.