Effective Live Betting Strategy

parimatch online sports betting has been gaining in popularity lately. Only a few years ago few people knew about them, but today you won't find a bettor who wouldn't bet during a meeting. It is much more interesting to watch and predict live. The odds are constantly moving, the balance of power on the court/ground/court can change at any moment. A few minutes ago the bookie's offer didn't suit you, but now you are ready to bet on your favorite player or team. Such dynamics attracts more and more forecasters.

Features of Live Betting

It must be said that bookmakers in live mode are often a bit over-insured against randomness and offer odds much lower than in the home betting line. Therefore, if you choose this type of betting, you need to work harder to beat the office. But on the other hand, the course of the match can change faster than the odds reflected in the line, and this fact can be used with some experience. The best lineup for live betting and lots of live video broadcasts you can find on the Parimatch bookmaker's website.

Don't rely solely on the video broadcasts. They always come with a slight delay of at least 5-10 seconds and intentionally lag behind the real data.

Keep your emotions to yourself. In the heat of passion you often want to make a few ill-considered bets, or in the case of failure, to get even faster in the heat of the match. A large number of predictions in a short time dramatically reduces their quality, and it is very profitable for bookmakers.

Live betting strategies

There are many different strategies for playing in live mode.

For example, experienced losspayers try to bet on favorites not before the match, but after a few minutes, when the odds rise by a couple of points and become more profitable.

Also betting during the match is very interesting for fans of bookmaker's forks. After all, during the meeting the lines of different offices can differ significantly, but before the game such no match is much less.

Popular is the strategy of betting on the favorite, which was not very successful in the match. In this case, the sport does not matter. Here the main emphasis is on the psychological aspect.

In soccer in live mode, betting on the total is often used. The most interesting variant is the cup matches when one of the teams is trying to win back and all its forces are thrown into the attack, forgetting about the defense of their own goal. Here you can try to bet on a late goal, because closer to the end of the match the tension and the cost of mistakes of tired players increases.

Also popular bets are against the draw. Before the match you need to bet that there will not be a draw, and expect a goal in the course of the game. It is better to choose approximately equal in strength opponents, then the odds of a draw in the case of a goal from either team becomes much higher, and it will be possible to catch a "fork" and be in the winnings for any result of the match. But don't forget that this strategy is suitable for results-oriented championships, because a 0-0 score won't suit you and you can lose your bet.